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1 Git v1.8.2 Release Notes
2 ========================
4 Backward compatibility notes
5 ----------------------------
7 In the upcoming major release (tentatively called 1.8.2), we will
8 change the behavior of the "git push" command.
10 When "git push [$there]" does not say what to push, we have used the
11 traditional "matching" semantics so far (all your branches were sent
12 to the remote as long as there already are branches of the same name
13 over there). We will use the "simple" semantics that pushes the
14 current branch to the branch with the same name, only when the current
15 branch is set to integrate with that remote branch. There is a user
16 preference configuration variable "push.default" to change this.
19 Updates since v1.8.1
20 --------------------
22 UI, Workflows & Features
24 *
26 Foreign Interface
28 *
30 Performance, Internal Implementation, etc.
32 *
34 Also contains minor documentation updates and code clean-ups.
37 Fixes since v1.8.1
38 ------------------
40 Unless otherwise noted, all the fixes since v1.8.1 in the maintenance
41 track are contained in this release (see release notes to them for
42 details).
44 * An element on GIT_CEILING_DIRECTORIES list that does not name the
45 real path to a directory (i.e. a symbolic link) could have caused
46 the GIT_DIR discovery logic to escape the ceiling.
47 (merge 059b379 mh/ceiling later to maint).
49 * t4014, t9502 and t0200 tests had various portability issues that
50 broke on OpenBSD.
51 (merge 27f6342 jc/maint-test-portability later to maint).
53 * t9020 and t3600 tests had various portability issues.
54 (merge 5a02966 jc/test-portability later to maint).
56 * t9200 runs "cvs init" on a directory that already exists, but a
57 platform can configure this fail for the current user (e.g. you
58 need to be in the cvsadmin group on NetBSD 6.0).
59 (merge 8666df0 jc/test-cvs-no-init-in-existing-dir later to maint).
61 * After failing to create a temporary file using mkstemp(), failing
62 pathname was not reported correctly on some platforms.
63 (merge f7be59b jc/mkstemp-more-careful-error-reporting later to maint).
65 * The way "git svn" asked for password using SSH_ASKPASS and
66 GIT_ASKPASS was not in line with the rest of the system.
67 (merge e9263e4 ss/svn-prompt later to maint).
69 * The --graph code fell into infinite loop when asked to do what the
70 code did not expect.
71 (merge 656197a mk/maint-graph-infinity-loop later to maint).
73 * http transport was wrong to ask for the username when the
74 authentication is done by certificate identity.
75 (merge 75e9a40 rb/http-cert-cred-no-username-prompt later to maint).
77 * "git pack-refs" that ran in parallel to another process that
78 created new refs had a nasty race.
79 (merge b3f1280 jk/repack-ref-racefix later to maint).
81 * After "git add -N" and then writing a tree object out of the
82 index, the cache-tree data structure got corrupted.
83 (merge eec3e7e nd/invalidate-i-t-a-cache-tree later to maint).
85 * "gitweb", when sorting by age to show repositories with new
86 activities first, used to sort repositories with absolutely
87 nothing in it early, which was not very useful.
88 (merge 28dae18 md/gitweb-sort-by-age later to maint).
90 * When a line to be wrapped has a solid run of non space characters
91 whose length exactly is the wrap width, "git shortlog -w" failed
92 to add a newline after such a line.
93 (merge e0db176 sp/shortlog-missing-lf later to maint).
95 * Some shells do not behave correctly when IFS is unset; work it
96 around by explicitly setting it to the default value.
97 (merge 393050c jc/maint-fbsd-sh-ifs-workaround later to maint).