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[git/git.git] / Documentation / RelNotes / 2.24.0.txt
1 Git 2.24 Release Notes
2 ======================
4 Updates since v2.23
5 -------------------
7 Backward compatibility note
9 * (no entry yet so far)
12 UI, Workflows & Features
14 * We now have an active interim maintainer for the Git-Gui part of
15 the system. Praise and thank Pratyush Yadav for volunteering.
17 * The command line parser learned "--end-of-options" notation; the
18 standard convention for scripters to have hardcoded set of options
19 first on the command line, and force the command to treat end-user
20 input as non-options, has been to use "--" as the delimiter, but
21 that would not work for commands that use "--" as a delimiter
22 between revs and pathspec.
24 * A mechanism to affect the default setting for a (related) group of
25 configuration variables is introduced.
27 * "git fetch" learned "--set-upstream" option to help those who first
28 clone from their private fork they intend to push to, add the true
29 upstream via "git remote add" and then "git fetch" from it.
31 * Device-tree files learned their own userdiff patterns.
32 (merge 3c81760bc6 sb/userdiff-dts later to maint).
34 * "git rebase --rebase-merges" learned to drive different merge
35 strategies and pass strategy specific options to them.
37 * A new "pre-merge-commit" hook has been introduced.
39 * Command line completion updates for "git -c" have been
40 added.
42 * The lazy clone machinery has been taught that there can be more
43 than one promisor remote and consult them in order when downloading
44 missing objects on demand.
46 * The list-objects-filter API (used to create a sparse/lazy clone)
47 learned to take a combined filter specification.
50 Performance, Internal Implementation, Development Support etc.
52 * The code to write commit-graph over given commit object names has
53 been made a bit more robust.
55 * The first line of verbose output from each test piece now carries
56 the test name and number to help scanning with eyeballs.
58 * Further clean-up of the initialization code.
60 * xmalloc() used to have a mechanism to ditch memory and address
61 space resources as the last resort upon seeing an allocation
62 failure from the underlying malloc(), which made the code complex
63 and thread-unsafe with dubious benefit, as major memory resource
64 users already do limit their uses with various other mechanisms.
65 It has been simplified away.
67 * Unnecessary full-tree diff in "git log -L" machinery has been
68 optimized away.
70 * The http transport lacked some optimization the native transports
71 learned to avoid unnecessary ref advertisement, which has been
72 corrected.
75 Fixes since v2.23
76 -----------------
78 * "git grep --recurse-submodules" that looks at the working tree
79 files looked at the contents in the index in submodules, instead of
80 files in the working tree.
81 (merge 6a289d45c0 mt/grep-submodules-working-tree later to maint).
83 * Codepaths to walk tree objects have been audited for integer
84 overflows and hardened.
85 (merge 5aa02f9868 jk/tree-walk-overflow later to maint).
87 * "git pack-refs" can lose refs that are created while running, which
88 is getting corrected.
89 (merge a613d4f817 sc/pack-refs-deletion-racefix later to maint).
91 * "git checkout" and "git restore" to re-populate the index from a
92 tree-ish (typically HEAD) did not work correctly for a path that
93 was removed and then added again with the intent-to-add bit, when
94 the corresponding working tree file was empty. This has been
95 corrected.
97 * Compilation fix.
98 (merge 70597e8386 rs/nedalloc-fixlets later to maint).
100 * "git gui" learned to call the clean-up procedure before exiting.
101 (merge 0d88f3d2c5 py/git-gui-do-quit later to maint).
103 * We promoted the "indent heuristics" that decides where to split
104 diff hunks from experimental to the default a few years ago, but
105 some stale documentation still marked it as experimental, which has
106 been corrected.
107 (merge 64e5e1fba1 sg/diff-indent-heuristic-non-experimental later to maint).
109 * Fix a mismerge that happened in 2.22 timeframe.
110 (merge acb7da05ac en/checkout-mismerge-fix later to maint).
112 * "git archive" recorded incorrect length in extended pax header in
113 some corner cases, which has been corrected.
114 (merge 71d41ff651 rs/pax-extended-header-length-fix later to maint).
116 * On-demand object fetching in lazy clone incorrectly tried to fetch
117 commits from submodule projects, while still working in the
118 superproject, which has been corrected.
119 (merge a63694f523 jt/diff-lazy-fetch-submodule-fix later to maint).
121 * Prepare get_short_oid() codepath to be thread-safe.
122 (merge 7cfcb16b0e rs/sort-oid-array-thread-safe later to maint).
124 * "for-each-ref" and friends that show refs did not protect themselves
125 against ancient tags that did not record tagger names when asked to
126 show "%(taggername)", which have been corrected.
127 (merge 8b3f33ef11 mp/for-each-ref-missing-name-or-email later to maint).
129 * The "git am" based backend of "git rebase" ignored the result of
130 updating ".gitattributes" done in one step when replaying
131 subsequent steps.
132 (merge 2c65d90f75 bc/reread-attributes-during-rebase later to maint).
134 * Tell cURL library to use the same malloc() implementation, with the
135 xmalloc() wrapper, as the rest of the system, for consistency.
136 (merge 93b980e58f cb/curl-use-xmalloc later to maint).
138 * Other code cleanup, docfix, build fix, etc.
139 (merge d1387d3895 en/fast-import-merge-doc later to maint).
140 (merge 1c24a54ea4 bm/repository-layout-typofix later to maint).
141 (merge 415b770b88 ds/midx-expire-repack later to maint).
142 (merge 19800bdc3f nd/diff-parseopt later to maint).
143 (merge 58166c2e9d tg/t0021-racefix later to maint).