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1 GIT web interface (gitweb) - JavaScript
2 =======================================
4 This directory holds JavaScript code used by gitweb (GIT web interface).
5 Scripts from there would be concatenated together in the order specified
6 by gitweb/Makefile into gitweb/static/gitweb.js, during building of
7 gitweb/gitweb.cgi (during gitweb building). The resulting file (or its
8 minification) would then be installed / deployed together with gitweb.
10 Scripts in 'lib/' subdirectory compose generic JavaScript library,
11 providing features required by gitweb but in no way limited to gitweb
12 only. In the future those scripts could be replaced by some JavaScript
13 library / framework, like e.g. jQuery, YUI, Prototype, MooTools, Dojo,
14 ExtJS, or SproutCore.
16 All scripts that manipulate gitweb output should be put outside 'lib/',
17 directly in this directory ('gitweb/static/js/'). Those scripts would
18 have to be rewritten if gitweb moves to using some JavaScript library.
20 See also comments in gitweb/Makefile.