t6111: new TREESAME test set
[git/git.git] / t / t6111-rev-list-treesame.sh
3# ,---E--. *H----------. * marks !TREESAME parent paths
4# / \ / \*
5# *A--*B---D--*F-*G---------K-*L-*M
6# \ /* \ /
7# `-C-' `-*I-*J
9# A creates "file", B and F change it.
10# Odd merge G takes the old version from B.
11# I changes it, but J reverts it, so K is TREESAME to both parents.
12# H and L both change "file", and M merges those changes.
14test_description='TREESAME and limiting'
16. ./test-lib.sh
18note () {
19 git tag "$1"
22unnote () {
23 git name-rev --tags --stdin | sed -e "s|$_x40 (tags/\([^)]*\)) |\1 |g"
26test_expect_success setup '
27 test_commit "Initial file" file "Hi there" A &&
28 git branch other-branch &&
30 test_commit "file=Hello" file "Hello" B &&
31 git branch third-branch &&
33 git checkout other-branch &&
34 test_commit "Added other" other "Hello" C &&
36 git checkout master &&
37 test_merge D other-branch &&
39 git checkout third-branch &&
40 test_commit "Third file" third "Nothing" E &&
42 git checkout master &&
43 test_commit "file=Blah" file "Blah" F &&
45 test_tick && git merge --no-commit third-branch &&
46 git checkout third-branch file &&
47 git commit &&
48 note G &&
49 git branch fiddler-branch &&
51 git checkout -b part2-branch &&
52 test_commit "file=Part 2" file "Part 2" H &&
54 git checkout fiddler-branch &&
55 test_commit "Bad commit" file "Silly" I &&
57 test_tick && git revert I && note J &&
59 git checkout master &&
60 test_tick && git merge --no-ff fiddler-branch &&
61 note K
63 test_commit "file=Part 1" file "Part 1" L &&
65 test_tick && test_must_fail git merge part2-branch &&
66 test_commit M file "Parts 1+2"
69FMT='tformat:%P %H | %s'
71# could we soup this up to optionally check parents? So "(BA)C" would check
72# that C is shown and has parents B A.
73check_outcome () {
74 outcome=$1
75 shift
76 for c in $1
77 do
78 echo "$c"
79 done >expect &&
80 shift &&
81 param="$*" &&
82 test_expect_$outcome "log $param" '
83 git log --format="$FMT" $param |
84 unnote >actual &&
85 sed -e "s/^.* \([^ ]*\) .*/\1/" >check <actual &&
86 test_cmp expect check || {
87 cat actual
88 false
89 }
90 '
93check_result () {
94 check_outcome success "$@"
97# Odd merge G drops a change in F. Important that G is listed in all
98# except the most basic list. Achieving this means normal merge D will also be
99# shown in normal full-history, as we can't distinguish unless we do a
100# simplification pass. After simplification, D is dropped but G remains.
101check_result 'M L K J I H G F E D C B A'
102check_result 'M H L K J I G E F D C B A' --topo-order
103check_result 'M L H B A' -- file
104check_result 'M L H B A' --parents -- file
105check_outcome failure 'M L J I H G F D B A' --full-history -- file # drops G
106check_result 'M L K J I H G F D B A' --full-history --parents -- file
107check_outcome failure 'M H L J I G F B A' --simplify-merges -- file # drops G
108check_result 'M L K G F D B A' --first-parent
109check_result 'M L G F B A' --first-parent -- file
111# Check that odd merge G remains shown when F is the bottom.
112check_result 'M L K J I H G E' F..M
113check_result 'M H L K J I G E' F..M --topo-order
114check_result 'M L H' F..M -- file
115check_result 'M L H' F..M --parents -- file # L+H's parents rewritten to B, so more useful than it may seem
116check_outcome failure 'M L J I H G' F..M --full-history -- file # drops G
117check_result 'M L K J I H G' F..M --full-history --parents -- file
118check_outcome failure 'M H L J I G' F..M --simplify-merges -- file # drops G
119check_result 'M L K J I H G' F..M --ancestry-path
120check_outcome failure 'M L J I H G' F..M --ancestry-path -- file # drops G
121check_result 'M L K J I H G' F..M --ancestry-path --parents -- file
122check_result 'M H L J I G' F..M --ancestry-path --simplify-merges -- file
123check_result 'M L K G' F..M --first-parent
124check_result 'M L G' F..M --first-parent -- file
126# Note that G is pruned when E is the bottom, even if it's the same commit list
127# If we want history since E, then we're quite happy to ignore G that took E.
128check_result 'M L K J I H G' E..M --ancestry-path
129check_result 'M L J I H' E..M --ancestry-path -- file
130check_outcome failure 'M L K J I H' E..M --ancestry-path --parents -- file # includes G
131check_outcome failure 'M H L J I' E..M --ancestry-path --simplify-merges -- file # includes G
133# Should still be able to ignore I-J branch in simple log, despite limiting
134# to G.
135check_result 'M L K J I H' G..M
136check_result 'M H L K J I' G..M --topo-order
137check_outcome failure 'M L H' G..M -- file # includes J I
138check_outcome failure 'M L H' G..M --parents -- file # includes J I
139check_result 'M L J I H' G..M --full-history -- file
140check_result 'M L K J I H' G..M --full-history --parents -- file
141check_result 'M H L J I' G..M --simplify-merges -- file
142check_result 'M L K J I H' G..M --ancestry-path
143check_result 'M L J I H' G..M --ancestry-path -- file
144check_result 'M L K J I H' G..M --ancestry-path --parents -- file
145check_result 'M H L J I' G..M --ancestry-path --simplify-merges -- file
147# B..F should be able to simplify the merge D from irrelevant side branch C.
148# Default log should also be free to follow B-D, and ignore C.
149# But --full-history shouldn't drop D on its own - without simplification,
150# we can't decide if the merge from INTERESTING commit C was sensible.
151check_result 'F D C' B..F
152check_result 'F' B..F -- file
153check_outcome failure 'F' B..F --parents -- file # includes D
154check_outcome failure 'F D' B..F --full-history -- file # drops D prematurely
155check_result 'F D' B..F --full-history --parents -- file
156check_result 'F' B..F --simplify-merges -- file
157check_result 'F D' B..F --ancestry-path
158check_result 'F' B..F --ancestry-path -- file
159check_outcome failure 'F' B..F --ancestry-path --parents -- file # includes D
160check_outcome failure 'F' B..F --ancestry-path --simplify-merges -- file # includes D
161check_result 'F D' B..F --first-parent
162check_result 'F' B..F --first-parent -- file
164# E...F should be equivalent to E F ^B, and be able to drop D as above.
165check_result 'F' E F ^B -- file
166check_result 'F' E...F -- file
168# Any sort of full history of C..F should show D, as it's the connection to C,
169# and it differs from it.
170check_result 'F D B' C..F
171check_result 'F B' C..F -- file
172check_result 'F B' C..F --parents -- file
173check_outcome failure 'F D B' C..F --full-history -- file # drops D
174check_result 'F D B' C..F --full-history --parents -- file
175check_result 'F D B' C..F --simplify-merges -- file
176check_result 'F D' C..F --ancestry-path
177check_outcome failure 'F D' C..F --ancestry-path -- file # drops D
178check_result 'F D' C..F --ancestry-path --parents -- file
179check_result 'F D' C..F --ancestry-path --simplify-merges -- file
180check_result 'F D B' C..F --first-parent
181check_result 'F B' C..F --first-parent -- file