2018-01-23 Abraham MartinMerge pull request #3 from rjw57/add-travis master
2018-01-23 Rich WarehamMerge pull request #4 from uisautomation/git-uis
2018-01-23 Rich Warehamtravis: exclude Python 3.6 and Django 1.8 3/head
2018-01-23 Abraham MartinMove from git.uis git-uis 4/head
2018-01-23 Rich WarehamREADME: add Travis and codecov badges
2018-01-23 Rich Warehamadd basic travis ci configuration
2018-01-23 Rich Warehamadd tox configuration for running tests
2018-01-23 Rich Warehammock implicit use of lookup in tests
2018-01-23 Rich Warehamautomationcommon.utils: fix for Python 2.7
2018-01-23 Rich Warehamfix tests for django < 2.0
2018-01-23 Abraham Martinmissing django-ucamwebauth requirement
2018-01-22 Rich WarehamMerge pull request #2 from uisautomation/fix-issue-1
2018-01-22 Abraham Martinmissing mock from requirements 2/head
2018-01-17 Abraham Martinfix creator as well
2018-01-17 Abraham Martinbugfix
2018-01-17 Abraham Martinadd versions exceptions to avoid django 1.11 chocking...
2018-01-05 Rich Warehambump version number status-context
2018-01-05 Rich Warehamadd context information to status view
2018-01-02 Rich Warehambump version number
2018-01-02 Rich Warehamclarify comment on compatible import statement django-2.0
2018-01-02 Rich indicate our compatibility with Django 2.0.
2018-01-02 Rich Warehamruntests: list ucam{webauth,lookup} in INSTALLED_APPS
2018-01-02 Rich Warehamuse backwards compatbile imports for django.urls.resolve
2018-01-02 Rich Warehamwork around change of is_anonymous behaviour in Django...
2018-01-02 Rich Warehamadd explicit on_delete behaviour
2017-11-30 Rich Warehamadd missing dependency: beautifulsoup4
2017-11-13 Mike Bamfordrefactor: replaced User with get_user_model()
2017-11-13 Mike BamfordThe user's id is stored on _thread_local instead of...
2017-11-13 Mike BamfordNo longer required as we've stopped publishing to pyPI
2017-11-13 Abraham MartinUse a more pythonic way to try to deal with different...
2017-11-13 Abraham MartinMerge branch 'django-upgrade'
2017-11-10 Abraham MartinChanges to support django 1.11 django-upgrade
2017-11-06 Rich Warehamcustom_filters: add daysuntil_timedelta filter
2017-10-20 Mike Bamfordcode review changes audit_trail
2017-10-19 Mike Bamfordwrote tests for ModelChangeMixin
2017-10-19 Mike Bamfordupdated README
2017-10-19 Mike Bamfordmoved _thread_local to models for better seperation
2017-10-18 Mike Bamfordmodels.Audit class works in conjunction with models...
2017-10-17 Mike Bamfordhandy script to 'makemigrations' in a reusable app
2017-10-17 Mike Bamfordnew class PublicView to use when using django-stronghold
2017-10-13 Mike Bamfordmissing dependency: django-hijack
2017-10-04 Abraham Martinget_users_email_address_from_lookup bugfix
2017-09-27 Mike Bamfordconfigured to log to 'automationcommon'
2017-09-18 Mike Bamfordincluded missing status.html template .. test
2017-09-15 Abraham Martinbump version
2017-09-15 Abraham Martinbugfix
2017-09-15 Mike Bamfordupdated version
2017-09-15 Abraham Martinadded ignore_timezone to parse_date
2017-09-07 Mike BamfordUnitTestCase.patch now accepts side_effect as a parameter
2017-08-31 Mike BamfordAdded custom_filters.parse_date
2017-08-16 Mike BamfordFixed status check (was always returning 200)
2017-08-15 Mike BamfordAdded json_date_formatter and ApplicationError to utils
2017-08-04 Mike BamfordAdded /static to manifest
2017-08-04 Mike BamfordSupport for pidashboard
2017-08-04 Mike Bamfordincluded test runner
2017-08-03 Mike Bamfordinitial commit