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Project Description Owner Last Change
automation/django-automationcommon.git Local mirror of common Django functionality mb2174 15 months ago
automation/flask-automation.git mb2174 21 months ago
automation/tlscerts.git rjw57 17 months ago
devgroup/utbs-client.git UTBS web service API client dar17 7 weeks ago
git/git-repub.git Make rebasing branches publishable 3 years ago
git/git.git Local mirror of git 3 months ago
git/gitcam.git Server config for 2 months ago
git/gitolite-doc.git Local mirror of gitolite doc source 18 months ago
git/gitolite-html.git Local mirror of gitolite documentation 18 months ago
git/gitolite.git Local mirror of gitolite 18 months ago
git/regpg.git safely store server secrets 6 months ago
u/fanf2/git-graph.git A little git activity graphing tool fanf2 3 years ago
u/fanf2/talks/2014-11-git.git Background and overview of git.csx fanf2 4 years ago
infra/bes++.git sdw37 2 days ago
infra/colo.git Web interface for the UIS Hosted Server Service bjh21 9 months ago
infra/infra-bits.git Utilities for manipulating Infrastructure... bjh21 9 months ago
infra/mason/house_style3.git University House Style version 3 Mason components bjh21 5 years ago
infra/mason/house_style3_cs.git UIS-specific adaptations of House Style 3... bjh21 5 years ago
ipreg/adns-masterfile.git pre-heat a BIND cache 13 months ago
ipreg/bind9-bin.git BIND binary builds 7 months ago
ipreg/bind9.git Local mirror of BIND 2 weeks ago
ipreg/doh101.git DNS-over-HTTPS and TLS 6 months ago
ipreg/fstrm.git Local mirror of fstrm 12 months ago
ipreg/nsdiff.git create nsupdate script from zone file differences 3 months ago
ipreg/nsnotifyd.git handle DNS NOTIFY messages by running a command 2 months ago
ipreg/perl-net-epp.git Local mirror of Net::EPP 3 years ago
ipreg/pg-decode-dns-update.git PostgreSQL Logical Decoding replication to... 2 years ago
ipreg/sccs2rcs2cvs2git.git scripts for ip-register history uplift 2 years ago
ipreg/superglue.git update and synchronize delegations 7 weeks ago
u/fanf2/2015-06-rpz.git A DNS firewall for Cambridge fanf2 3 years ago
u/fanf2/adns.git adns asynchronous stub resolver library fanf2 3 years ago
u/fanf2/talks/2014-03-nws42.git Introduction to DNSSEC: Principles and Practi... fanf2 4 years ago
u/fanf2/talks/2016-03-homerton.git Introduction to DNSSEC fanf2 3 years ago
mail/exim.git Local mirror of Exim 3 years ago
mail/geogalias.git Web interface for virtual mail domains 4 years ago
mail/spamassassin.git Local modifications to SpamAssassin 5 years ago
mwsv3/ansible.git Local mirror of MWS ansible configuration amc203 15 months ago
mwsv3/misc.git MWSv3 items that do not belong anywhere else 21 months ago
mwsv3/webapp.git Local mirror of MWS panel amc203 15 months ago
platforms/lookup.git Obsolete Perl-based version of lookup bjh21 2 years ago
platforms/mcs-bootstrapper.git Bootstrapper for MCS Linux systems. dwm37 8 months ago
platforms/mcs-repo-tools.git Tools for maintaining a set of additive-only... dwm37 8 months ago
platforms/oook-clients.git Oook client scripts bjh21 13 months ago
raven/asp.git ASP/VBScript UcamWebauth module 4 years ago
raven/csharp_dummy_wls.git C-Sharp Dummy Raven Server 4 years ago
raven/csharp_waa.git C-Sharp UcamWebauth client 4 years ago
raven/django-ucamwebauth.git Local mirror of django-ucamwebauth jw35 19 months ago
raven/php.git The UcamWebauth PHP class 4 years ago
raven/projectwebsite.git Raven Project Website 7 weeks ago
raven/shibmdapp.git A Shibboleth Metadata App 2 years ago
u/amc203/django-ucamlookup.git amc203 2 years ago
u/amc203/django-ucamprojectlight.git amc203 3 years ago
u/amc203/staffseminardemo.git amc203 4 years ago
u/amc203/tlscerts.git amc203 22 months ago
u/dwm37/debmirror.git dwm37 3 years ago
u/dwm37/oook-btrfs.git dwm37 3 years ago
u/dwm37/reports/weakdh.git dwm37 3 years ago
u/fanf2/bash.git bash security fixes fanf2 4 years ago
u/fanf2/c10.git The contranet architecture fanf2 4 years ago
u/fanf2/camhouse.git University house style for letters in LaTeX fanf2 3 years ago
u/fanf2/cpppe.git C preprocessor partial evaluator fanf2 3 years ago
u/fanf2/dnssec-ws.git WS RRs: dispersing trust in the DNSSEC root... fanf2 13 months ago
u/fanf2/dotat.git Render a dotat glyph fanf2 3 years ago
u/fanf2/draft-fanf-dnsop-aname.git fanf2 6 months ago
u/fanf2/knot-dns.git CZ.NIC Knot DNS fanf2 10 months ago
u/fanf2/postel-vs-git.git fanf2 20 months ago
u/fanf2/radish.git Radix-ish tries fanf2 3 weeks ago
u/fanf2/rfc2317bis.git Classless delegation fanf2 3 years ago
u/fanf2/rpc.d.ts.git JSON-RPC in TypeScript fanf2 12 months ago
u/fanf2/temporum.git Quorate secure time fanf2 4 years ago
u/fanf2/week54.git Toying with a 54 week calendar fanf2 3 years ago
u/fanf2/wordns.git DNS word cloud stuff fanf2 3 years ago
u/fanf2/talks/2016-07-seminar.git The fractal horror of ancient crufty DNS... fanf2 2 years ago
u/jw35/ansible-crm-info.git Ansible module for extracting crm_info data jw35 3 years ago
u/jw35/ansible-git.git Deprecated - DO NOT USE -- see u/jw35/ansible-gpg jw35 2 years ago
u/jw35/ansible-gpg.git ansible-gpg: tools to GPG encrypt vault passp... jw35 18 months ago
u/jw35/nagios-sms.git Nagios notification script for Telecom SMS... jw35 3 years ago
u/jw35/old-ucs-logo.git Old UIS Logo files jw35 2 years ago
u/jw35/term-dates.git Perl module to return University term dates jw35 2 years ago
u/jw35/testwc.git jw35 21 months ago
u/jw35/ucam-sms-send.git Perl interface to SMS service incl. spec... jw35 3 years ago
u/jw35/ucs-uis-mail-differ.git @uis to @uis mail alias differ jw35 2 years ago
u/jw35/ukfed-contacts.git Extract contacts from used UK Fed SPs jw35 21 months ago
u/jw35/x509-utils.git A collection of scripts for working with... jw35 21 months ago
u/mcv21/ans_knownhosts.git An ansible module for ssh_known_hosts mcv21 4 years ago
u/mcv21/django-grappelli.git Debian package of grappelli mcv21 3 years ago
u/mcv21/django-stronghold.git Debian package of Django Stronghold mcv21 4 years ago
u/mcv21/isg_ansible.git mcv21 17 months ago
u/mcv21/nagios.git Local modifications to send_nsca to fix its... mcv21 5 years ago
u/mcv21/ws7_ops.git Documents relating to the Operations Thread... mcv21 4 years ago
u/ph448/firewalls.git ph448 3 years ago
u/rjw57/bitballoon.git rjw57 17 months ago
web/light.git Local mirror of Project Light templates 19 months ago